Automotive / Mobility

United States automotive leader with 23 assembly plants

76 percent of business funded automotive R&D is in Michigan, which leads the nation

Michigan leads the nation in patents relating to navigation and smart mobility, averaging 1 automotive patent per day for nearly 50 years

650 automotive-focused programs at the post-secondary level

The American Center for Mobility, a 335-acre site providing additional testing and validation resources for the industry, including higher speeds and interaction with rail and flight.

No. 1 nationally in concentration of electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineers (75,000)

Seven global or North American research and development (R&D) headquarters are based in Michigan (Ford, GM, FCA, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Toyota)

Michigan is home to the largest deployment of V2I technology in the United States: 120 miles on I-69, called the Smart Corridor.

By 2017, Michigan will be home to two permanent and purpose-built autonomous vehicle testing sites. Nowhere else in the U.S. has resources like these facilities.

61 of the top 100 North American auto suppliers call Michigan home

Eight original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have research and development facilities in Michigan (Daimler, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki and Volkswagen)

17 universities and colleges with nationally ranked undergraduate engineering programs

Mcity, a 32-acre connected and autonomous vehicle testing site that opened in 2015, simulates urban and suburban environments and is in high demand.

IT and Software

In 2016 more Michigan tech executives expect to make new hires, increase company revenue and invest in R&D than their Silicon Valley counterparts.

Leading this trend are Michigan’s technology clusters — SmartZones — that synergize the assets of technology-based firms, entrepreneurs and researchers to help commercialize emerging IT technologies.

Venture Capital

129 venture-backed companies in Michigan (70% increase in last five years)

$4.8 billion under management in Michigan (including outside Michigan-based firms) of which 74% has been invested in startups, and 23% is capital available to fund new startups

44% of Michigan VC companies in IT

$2.90 of investment is attracted outside of Michigan for every $1 invested in a Michigan startup company by a Michigan-based VC firm

$2.1 billion in R&D expenditures collectively at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University in 2013; up 51% since 2007

$1.7 billion in capital under management for Michigan-based VC firms (45% increase in the last 5 years)

Michigan is first in highest research spending-to-venture capital investment ratio in the nation.

For every $1 invested in venture capital in the state $149 is investment in research in Michigan


Michigan is second only to California in terms of agricultural diversity and produces more than 300 commodities, contributing more than $100 billion to the state’s economy each year

22% of Michigan jobs are in agribusiness

Michigan firms are successfully applying innovative processing technologies, such as aseptic filling and flash-freezing, to increase the quantity and quality of their consumer goods.

These processes are backed by Michigan academic and government institutions that support agricultural R&D and production.

Michigan has 52,200 farms

The state offers an excellent opportunity for companies to grow and convert crops into value-added products. Food industry leaders such as Gerber, Post, Kellogg’s and Vlasic are converting crops into finished consumer goods.


Ranked second most attractive state for aerospace manufacturing and aerospace R&D facilities

Michigan is home to more than 600 aerospace-related companies, including Advanced Integration Tooling Solutions, GE Aviation, KUKA Aerospace, MB Aerospace, and Schwab Industries

Nine Michigan universities offer aerospace departments or programs, including the University of Michigan’s No. 1 ranked engineering program.

Both public-private and government funded consortiums such as Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) and the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) have positioned the state as a leader in materials R&D

An unprecedented manufacturing and engineering supply chain provides aerospace companies with the infrastructure they need to be successful

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