Why Michigan?

More and more companies are choosing to invest in Michigan each day. Join Michigan’s world-leading industries. Harness Michigan innovation and hire Michigan talent. Rediscover Detroit. Find beauty and happiness in the Michigan lifestyle. Let us connect you to success and welcome you to Michigan.

Doing Business in Michigan

Michigan’s business climate is stronger than ever. An overwhelming majority of Michigan businesses surveyed describe the state as having a positive business climate and would promote Michigan as a place to start a business. The state is ranked as a Top 10 Pro-Business State and as a Top 10 state for major new and expanded corporate facilities.

Michigan’s competitiveness is due in part to its simple, fair and efficient 6 percent corporate tax.

Michigan also provides millions of dollars in support each year for business expansions and growth through its resources, incentives, and loans.

Success Stories

Technology and Innovation

Michigan’s cutting edge technology is driving innovation across industries. We lead the nation in patents relating to navigation and smart mobility, averaging one automotive patent per day for nearly 50 years. Seven global or North American research and development (R&D) headquarters are based in Michigan (Ford, GM, FCA, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Toyota), and Google’s Self Driving Car Project opened a 53,000 square foot R&D center here in 2016. Michigan is also home to the largest deployment of V2I technology in the United States: 120 miles on I-69, called the Smart Corridor.


Michigan has one of the richest talent pools in the country. Our high-tech workforce is the fourth largest in the country with more than 87,000 engineers, 70,000 R&D professionals, and 75,000 skilled trades people. Michigan employers can connect with this talent pool through statewide programs that help employers find skilled workers, retrain current workers and provide training and education.

Michigan’s excellent educational system continually produces students that are ready to take on the world. It is home to 119 universities and colleges and 308 vocational and technical schools. Nearly 6,000 MBAs were awarded by Michigan colleges and universities in 2009. Nearly 1,500 PhDs are granted every year, almost twice the national average. Furthermore, Michigan ranks third in the number of engineering degrees annually — more than 6,500.

Michigan’s Comeback and Value

No other state in the nation is making bold changes and hard decisions like Michigan. Reinvention is taking place across the state; regulatory red tape has been slashed, incentives are immediate, and a skilled, technically proficient work force is ready to go to work for you. Detroit, the automotive capital of the world, is ripe for investment after emerging from bankruptcy in 2014.

Michigan’s cost of living is lower than that of any other state or metropolitan area in the Midwest. For the past 10 years, Metro Detroit’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) has been below the national average.

Quality of Life

Michigan’s attractive business climate is surpassed only by its natural beauty and active lifestyle. With four seasons, 11,000 lakes and the country’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan offers ample opportunities to enjoy recreational activities like boating, fishing, golf, skiing, hiking, and more. Michigan is also home to the highly regarded Detroit Institute of Arts, over 100 wineries, a growing dining and craft beer scene, and four major league sports teams. We also have the lowest cost of living of any state in the Midwest. When it comes to living and doing business, nothing compares to Michigan.

Recent News

Michigan’s Office of Future Mobility and Electrification Formally Launches, Sets Course for Economic Growth, Job Creation

Michigan’s Office of Future Mobility and Electrification Formally Launches, Sets Course for Economic Growth, Job Creation

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the formal launch of the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification (OFME) today, which will work across state government, academia and private industry to enhance Michigan’s mobility ecosystem, including developing dynamic mobility and electrification policies and supporting the startup and scale up of emerging technologies and businesses.

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Delta to Resume Flights Between U.S. and China

Delta to Resume Flights Between U.S. and China

Delta Air Lines Inc said on Monday it would resume flights between Detroit and Shanghai in July, making it the first U.S. airline to restart operations between the United States and China after flights were suspended in February due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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